Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural consulting services including peer review, review of existing structures for code compliance and building conditions assessments. We also provide quality assurance reviews for new construction of commercial and residential structures.

Code Compliance of Existing Structures

The RA&A team can help owners protect against future claims when their building is being built, repaired or reconstructed. We offer expert advice for:

  • Building Codes. Our ICC certified inspectors resolve construction and design challenges to help ensure compliance with local and state codes.
  • ADA/Accessibility. Our architectural staff has been trained and tested to render expert opinions as to whether buildings and sites are in compliance with state and federal codes and regulations for accessibility for the physically disabled. The team is led by a Certified Access Specialist, who is a founding member of the Certified Access Specialist Institute, offering unrivaled depth and breadth of knowledge in this area.
Code compliannce

From expertise with building codes to ADA compliance, our team protects owners from future claims.