Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural design services including reviewing, administering and facilitating key aspects of new and existing building construction. Our evaluation and assessment of design and construction documents, existing building conditions, bids and contracts provides the necessary oversight to minimize adverse risk to our clients, the design and construction professionals involved, and the project overall.

Construction Drawings and Specifications

Construction drawings and specifications are needed to obtain comprehensive construction bids, building permits and construction contracts, and to identify all the work that is necessary. They establish and define the scope of work, and the quantity and quality of the work to be performed by the general contractor. Construction drawings and specifications prepared by licensed architects protect both owners and contractors from potential discrepancies or misunderstandings during the course of construction. A comprehensive and well-thought-out set of contract documents is the unifying directive that leads to the successful completion of the work.

The RA&A team can:

  • Prepare construction drawings and specifications suitable for bidding and construction
  • Submit construction drawings and specifications to the local governing agencies for review and the issuance of building permits
  • Manage and coordinate the plan check process
  • Update the documents as necessary to address plan check comments issued by the Building Department for final project permit approval
Construction drawings

Comprehensive and
well-thought-out documentation leads to the successful completion of work.