Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural consulting services including peer review, review of existing structures for code compliance and building conditions assessments. We also provide quality assurance reviews for new construction of commercial and residential structures.

Course of Construction Review

As forensic architects, we are familiar with the recurring problems that can plague even the most conscientious builders and architects. We have acquired knowledge and skills from a wide range of construction-related problems that make us uniquely qualified to identify liability issues and effectively manage risk. We can complement a client’s in-house expertise to spot potential problems before they arise, and promote design and construction practices that pre-empt commonly claimed construction defects that could potentially lead to future litigation.

We offer these services to assist in completing successful construction projects:

Quality Assurance

  • Conduct a plan review that specifically addresses code compliance issues
  • Identify assemblies that could be problematic (resulting in water infiltration, for example)
  • Offer recommendations for addressing potential issues
  • Conduct periodic site visits throughout various phases of construction to assure the construction complies with the construction documents and adheres to the highest quality

Third-party Testing

  • Comply with the requirements of many municipalities that now require independent inspections for new waterproofing elements
  • Review and verify the adequacy and compliance of exterior wall assemblies to cited codes and standards during installation
  • Submit reports to the design team for their records
Construction worker

We are uniquely qualified to identify liability issues and effectively manage risk.