Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural design services including reviewing, administering and facilitating key aspects of new and existing building construction. Our evaluation and assessment of design and construction documents, existing building conditions, bids and contracts provides the necessary oversight to minimize adverse risk to our clients, the design and construction professionals involved, and the project overall.

Construction Contract Administration

Once a contract has been negotiated and executed between an owner and contractor, RA&A can provide administrative services to ensure that the construction work being performed complies with the contract documents. Our services during this construction phase include:

  • Coordinating and participating in preconstruction meetings with owners and contractors
  • Monitoring the contractor’s project mobilization and start-up
  • Visiting the site on an as-needed basis to observe the progress of construction and general conformance with the construction documents
  • Communicating with the owner as to project status, scope and schedule
  • Interpreting the documents and issuing any necessary clarification or modifications
  • Reviewing submittals, shop drawings, samples, mock-ups, schedules and punch lists to conform with the intent of the design documents
  • Reviewing and approving payment requests and change orders
  • Assisting in the close out of the project
Construction administration

Experienced construction administration ensures work complies with contract documents.