Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural design services including reviewing, administering and facilitating key aspects of new and existing building construction. Our evaluation and assessment of design and construction documents, existing building conditions, bids and contracts provides the necessary oversight to minimize adverse risk to our clients, the design and construction professionals involved, and the project overall.

Overall Repair Plan

Our Overall Repair Plan (ORP) assists clients in assessing and prioritizing repairs or improvements to existing structures that were identified during litigation or a building condition assessment. The ORP process is project specific and involves the development of a plan that addresses immediate and long-term repair needs. The ORP is a roadmap and essential planning tool intended to consolidate all relevant information required by clients to enable informed decision-making and establish a repair scope and timeline based on available funds.

In developing an ORP, we:

  • Conduct an initial client meeting to establish the project parameters
  • Perform field surveys and testing, if applicable
  • Assemble and evaluate all available information including original construction documents, maintenance records, and surveys, etc.
  • Develop a working document that outlines existing conditions of the structure, required, recommended and optional repairs, a proposed schedule, and associated estimated costs
  • Offer recommendations for alternative materials and repair methods based on available funds
  • Make necessary alterations based on client feedback

Once the ORP has been approved, it will serve as a basis for the bidding and construction documents required for the actual repairs and reconstruction.

Construction repair

On-site analysis leads to the preparation of a well-thought-out overall repair plan.