Architectural plans

Richard Avelar & Associates offers a variety of in-house architectural consulting services including peer review, review of existing structures for code compliance and building conditions assessments. We also provide quality assurance reviews for new construction of commercial and residential structures.

Peer Review

Identifying and addressing potential issues associated with poorly defined construction documents is essential in avoiding problems during the building phase. Richard Avelar & Associates provides valuable support that helps minimize the risks to architects, developers, contractors and building owners of commercial or residential projects. We can help guide the process with information attained from participating as experts in a vast amount of construction litigation cases, as well as from our extensive knowledge and experience in building systems and materials, and successful completion of numerous reconstruction projects.

RA&A can also provide piece of mind and confidence during the construction phase by observing the work as it is performed or providing third-party inspection services. We can ensure that the work conforms to the plans and specifications prepared by the Architect of Record, and that it conforms to the manufacturer’s standard details and requirements.

Peer review

Our extensive knowledge allows us to review the work product of other architects for accuracy and thoroughness.