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Electric Meters, Energy Savings

Whether you're part of a Homeowners Association or you own a multi-unit complex, finding ways to lower energy expenses makes good business sense. The state of California provides a myriad of rebate incentives, but they can be complex and difficult to navigate. The "green team" at Richard Avelar & Associates is well versed in how to take advantage of these rebates and is ready to analyze your property to determine the best way to invest in upgrades that will have the best impact. Contact us to learn more.

Energy Savings

Energy Saving RebatesEnergy Saving Rebates
Regardless of where you live in California, energy-saving rebates are still available for multi-family communities. Of course upgrades can result in substantially lower electric utility and gas bills, but rebates mean you're getting paid for the installation. Even newer residential communities are finding nuggets of energy savings gold but the only way to know for sure about your benefits, is to ask. Read more >
Madison HOA Case Study VideoCase Study: Madison HOA, Walnut Creek, CA
There are many different reasons why an HOA might consider energy-saving upgrades and retrofits — but in California there are a large number of rebate programs available that serve as an extra incentive. In this video, you'll discover how Madison Homeowners Association, representing a 60-unit complex in Walnut Creek, CA, lowered their energy bill by nearly 78%, saving an estimated $17,000 a year. View video >
The KeysCombining Smart Energy Strategies Brings Multifamily Communities Substantial Savings
Multifamily projects are saving money and energy by combining energy-renewable systems — but they aren't the only ones. This holistic approach offers the same benefits to similar facilities like country clubs, non-profit religious associations and apartment complexes looking for ways to reduce energy and lower utility bills. Read more >
Energy efficientYour Keys to An Energy Efficient Future!
A 43-year old, 792-unit condo complex had the insight and imagination to undertake a major energy retrofit project. Not only did they receive close to $600,000 in rebates, but their energy costs, operating and maintenance costs were reduced while a much-needed facelift translates into increased property value. Read more >