Improperly maintained common-area components can lead to extensive damage, devalued property, and increased vacancy or tenant turnover. By combining our proven expertise, innovative approach, and cutting edge technology, RA&A supports Community Associations in successfully planning for and managing the ongoing upkeep and repairs of common-area components.

Homeowner Representative Services

Our experience has shown that thorough construction knowledge, good communication skills and strong coordination are the keys to a successful repair or reconstruction project, regardless of the scope or complexity. Many homeowner associations lack the necessary time, skills and personnel to successfully manage repair or reconstruction projects for multi-residential structures. The RA&A team can assist by acting as an owner’s advocate and liaison with the construction team.

Our homeowner representative services include:

  • Meeting with homeowners at the project’s beginning and during the process to discuss the scope of the work and schedules, and to arrange for access into the units
  • Scheduling and coordinating unit inspections and repairs to minimize the inconvenience and disruption to homeowners
  • Documenting interior conditions of the units prior to repair to uncover anything that may impact the work
  • Developing guidelines and/or procedures to make the reconstruction or repair process more effective
  • Corresponding with homeowners about schedules and schedule changes, special meetings, updates and more
  • Conducting weekly site visits to meet with the contractor, construction manager and homeowners (where appropriate) during the reconstruction process
  • Attending Homeowner Association meetings and provide monthly progress reports to the Board of Directors
  • Documenting any damage or accident reports and ensure all corrective action is taken
  • Providing a point of contact for homeowners with questions, concerns or complaints
Construction repairing beam

Acting as the homeowner’s advocate, we are often the chief liaison with the construction team.