Improperly maintained common-area components can lead to extensive damage, devalued property, and increased vacancy or tenant turnover. By combining our proven expertise, innovative approach, and cutting edge technology, RA&A supports Community Associations in successfully planning for and managing the ongoing upkeep and repairs of common-area components.

Reserve Studies

Common-area components such as roofs, roadways and siding can become serious financial liabilities for a Community Association without expert planning. Through careful inspection and financial analysis, Richard Avelar & Associates can help determine the longevity of common-area components and the amount of financial reserves required to meet the future obligations of maintenance, repair and replacement.

We have an established track record in providing top quality, competitively priced Reserve Studies. Our staff holds the highest credentials awarded in the Reserve Study industry, including Reserve Specialist and Professional Reserve Analyst designations.

Our background as architects, general contractors, and construction professionals gives RA&A an advantage over most Reserve Study preparers. Specifically, Community Associations benefit from our:

  • Insight into long-term performance. We know how construction components are built and meant to function, adding a higher level of quality and thoroughness to our studies.
  • Ability to identify true replacement costs. With years of experience as construction estimators, we can accurately project how much an HOA will realistically need to put aside to properly maintain their common-area for the next 30 years. We’ll also work with the Association’s Board and managers to fine-tune these projections so that they meet or exceed the community’s financial needs.

With a background in design/build, we can accurately forecast longevity and reserve needs.