Improperly maintained common-area components can lead to extensive damage, devalued property, and increased vacancy or tenant turnover. By combining our proven expertise, innovative approach, and cutting edge technology, RA&A supports Community Associations in successfully planning for and managing the ongoing upkeep and repairs of common-area components.

Architectural Project Management Services

Richard Avelar & Associates has expertise in managing and expediting reconstruction projects by providing a full range of services tailored to meet a variety of needs.

Scope of Work Development and Bidding

Deciding on what type of repairs are necessary can be a difficult task. RA&A can define the appropriate scope of work for the project so that all concerns are addressed. We can also guide the Association through the bidding process to ensure the selection of a qualified contractor.

Contractor and Consultant Coordination

Extensive construction projects often require multiple design professionals and consultants whose work must be integrated and coordinated. RA&A can provide coordination services with other design professionals or special inspectors required by the jurisdiction to help the construction project run smoothly and efficiently.

Construction Management Services

The RA&A team can assist Community Associations by professionally managing repair and/or maintenance projects including, re-roofing, asphalt rehabilitation, exterior siding/deck repairs and painting, pool rehabilitation and more. We will ensure that the work is completed as specified in the construction documents and manage any needed changes in the scope of work as they arise.

Site Surveys

At some point, every Community Association will experience issues related to an aging infrastructure. RA&A can help Boards and managers understand the depth and extent of the issues with a comprehensive site survey. Site surveys can be component specific (e.g., looking for safety issues such as deteriorated deck or staircase supports) or they can encompass many site components at once (e.g., general inspections to identify components where maintenance has been deferred). Whatever the situation, our site surveys will identify those components in the most immediate need of repair, the best and most cost-effective way to repair them and a realistic cost to do so.

Solar/Energy Retrofits

Energy costs, in general, are expected to continue rising at a steady rate for the foreseeable future. As a result, more and more Community Associations are exploring ways to reduce soaring energy costs. At RA&A, we have the credentials and expertise to help design and implement a variety of energy efficiency programs that can significantly reduce a Community Association’s operating costs. We can assist with defining how and when to structure these programs, as well as provide assistance and guidance in securing rebates and financing (if needed) for solar/photovoltaic (LED lighting) projects.

Project management

With a full range of design/build/repair services, we professionally manage all scope of work.