With backgrounds as architects, general contractors, cost estimators and code specialists — combined with extensive hands-on experience in the field — the team at RA&A is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and testify about deficiencies and damage to buildings of all types, and to provide the necessary services to implement repairs.

Code Compliance

For claims that allege code violations, the litigants must first identify which local and/or state building codes — if any — were in effect when the building was constructed (or last repaired or reconstructed). This is why it is vital to consult with building code experts who understand the complicated process of determining the codes that were in effect at any given time in each jurisdiction. RA&A maintains a massive library of current and historic code books that allow us to pinpoint the codes in force for any building named in a lawsuit. Our architectural expertise in code analysis is supplemented by staff that includes one of the longest tenured certified ICC (International Code Council) Master Code Professionals in the area.


Code compliance

Our on-staff certified Master Code Professional ensures we know code compliance.