With backgrounds as architects, general contractors, cost estimators and code specialists — combined with extensive hands-on experience in the field — the team at RA&A is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and testify about deficiencies and damage to buildings of all types, and to provide the necessary services to implement repairs.

Construction Cost Analysis

Evaluating appropriate construction costs for all types of buildings is a critical component of forensic investigations. When construction costs are in dispute, RA&A can assess whether the cost overruns are justified and/or appropriate.

The expertise of our general contracting staff is based on experience in all phases of non-litigation construction work, including plan review and quantity takeoffs, subcontractor bidding, detailed estimate development, contract negotiation, job cost analysis, employee and subcontractor management, and overall responsibility for the execution of a construction contract from start to finish. This gives us the background and credibility to accurately estimate repair and construction costs in the litigation arena.

What’s more, our estimates are supported by a real-world database of actual construction costs for a wide range of building types that is substantiated by our affiliate, Reconstruction Services, a general contracting company actively involved in reconstruction projects. This database and our team’s experience uniquely qualifies us to provide a realistic assessment of the value of work that is in dispute, as well as estimate the cost to properly complete or repair work that was built defectively.

Reviewing plans

Evaluating cost overruns depends on our real-world database and
our team's unique experience.