With backgrounds as architects, general contractors, cost estimators and code specialists — combined with extensive hands-on experience in the field — the team at RA&A is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and testify about deficiencies and damage to buildings of all types, and to provide the necessary services to implement repairs.

Research and Analysis

The RA&A team reviews documentation and data related to the design, construction and maintenance of a structure to identify discrepancies, oversights and parties that may have contributed to problems with the project.

  • Document review and analysis to evaluate the course of construction sequencing, construction administration and compliance with both local building codes and industry standards
  • Evaluation of compliance with all contracts and design documents
  • Assessments of life-safety components
  • Verification of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Research into adherence to current and past building codes
  • Review of compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended installation requirements and specifications
  • Evaluation of cost discrepancies
Document review

A comprehensive review of all documentation and data helps provide key insights.