With backgrounds as architects, general contractors, cost estimators and code specialists — combined with extensive hands-on experience in the field — the team at RA&A is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and testify about deficiencies and damage to buildings of all types, and to provide the necessary services to implement repairs.

Schedule Analysis

Disputes related to cost overruns that are attributed to scheduling problems and project delays are common. RA&A’s architects and contractors have real-world experiences that provide perspective for evaluating the substance and merit of claims related to construction project delays.

Our decades of developing, revising and updating construction schedules for both new construction, remodeling and repair work provides the basis for evaluating where schedule assumptions have gone awry, or where unrealistic expectations have led to contract disputes. We take a practical and realistic approach to problem-solving that allows us to focus on the causes of scheduling delays and disputes, and to evaluate the appropriate cost ramifications.


Construction repairing beam

Decades of developing, revising and updating schedules, qualifies us to analyze scheduling delays.