With backgrounds as architects, general contractors, cost estimators and code specialists — combined with extensive hands-on experience in the field — the team at RA&A is uniquely qualified to investigate, analyze and testify about deficiencies and damage to buildings of all types, and to provide the necessary services to implement repairs.

Testing Services

RA&A has the in-house staff and other resources to provide building performance testing services to support building investigations. Testing services include:

  • Spray rack and vacuum chamber testing. We assess the performance of window assemblies and other building envelope penetrations with equipment that is calibrated in accordance with ASTM and AAMA standards.
  • Non-destructive testing. Using infrared thermography, we determine the presence and extent of moisture intrusion without having to open the building envelope.
  • Destructive testing. If an investigation requires destructive testing to understand the root cause and/or the extent of the damage due to possible construction defects, RA&A has the resources to both open the areas that need to be tested and repair these openings to their original condition.
  • Indoor temperature and humidity testing. Using data loggers and in-situ concrete moisture testing, we can evaluate interior conditions where excessive condensation has caused damage to building components.

Accurate building performance testing relies on specialized equipment and knowledge.